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Climate Experts Spencer and Lindzen Lash Out as Pet Theory is Trashed

Two irate top climatologists launch into a flurry of name-calling and innuendo as their beloved greenhouse gas theory collapses threatening to take their careers with it.

 Dr. Roy Spencer this week followed the lead of Dr. Richard Lindzen in spitting insults after fellow skeptic scientists debunked the greenhouse gas effect (GHE). Lindzen confined his insults to private emails. But Spencer openly blogged his personal attack after reading how cutting-edge scientific research by specialists in astrophysicists, space engineering and mathematics had exposed Spencer’s weak grasp of physics; something particularly identified by NASA’s former Apollo Mission engineer, Dr. Pierre R. Latour.

 Highly credentialed scientists, among them Latour, Professor Nasif Nahle, Dr. Matthias Kleespies and other leading experts in their respective fields have been remorselessly debunking the GHE in a series of articles and peer-reviewed papers. The GHE is the cornerstone of the man-made global warming hysteria.

Discussions Terminated After Tempers Fray

With unseemly venom Spencer and Lindzen have scorned further dialog from several fellow man-made global warming skeptics for refusing to toe the line over the increasingly discredited greenhouse gas theory (GHE).

 Like many climatologists, Spencer and Lindzen have built successful careers as skeptics of the man-made global warming narrative, but all the while they've denounced anyone who has pinpointed errors woven into the GHE. Some quarters refer to such skeptics as 'lukewarmers.'

But in recent months a paradigm shift has been underway and a whole slew of hard core GHE contrarians are no longer prepared to stay silent - and can you blame them?  Satellite measurements prove that atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide have gone up over 30 percent in recent decades while global temperatures have fallen since 2003; that's real world data starkly contradicting the predicted warming of the GHE ( Lindzen foreseeing a 1 degree Celsius rise).

 Like all other religionists who subscribe to the ‘greenhouse gas effect’ these two giants of climate skepticism are profoundly at fault for believing the atmosphere ‘keeps our planet warmer than it would otherwise be.’

While an increasing number of fellow scientists are abandoning belief in the GHE these two American skeptic academics stand out for stubbornly sustaining the GHE falsehood - and because they believe in the crazy ‘cold’ space fallacy.

Space has no Temperature: So Says Space Scientists

For months earnest behind-the-scenes discussions have been to no avail. Space scientists and other experts have despaired as they have tried and failed to show Spencer and Lindzen the errors of their way. Astrophysicist Joe Postma, who works for the Canadian and Indian space agencies, sums it up:

“Everyone who has studied thermodynamics knows space doesn’t have a temperature. That’s the first trick question you get on the first day of the first semester of introductory thermodynamics. That 2.7K is the "temperature" of the CMB radiation found in space.  It is not the temperature OF space!  See the logical difference?  Of course academia can’t handle that level of logic anymore; 2.7K would be the induced temperature of a physical body in space with no other heat sources, but it is not the temperature of the empty space itself.”

 Spencer and Lindzen wrongly assumed that the so-called cosmic 'microwave' – the background radiation (or CMBR, generated by the ‘Big Bang’) is what the rest of vacuum space registers as temperature (the CMBR is quoted at around 2.7K).

 But even that pro-green online encyclopedia, Wikipedia knows there is no ‘real’ temp in space – they refer to the “color temperature of the decoupled photons” which they say “has continued to diminish ever since [the 'Big Bang']; now down to 2.72548 ± 0.00057 K,[3]

‘Thermos Flask’ analogy More Compelling than ‘Blanket Effect’

 Time and again independent scientists have demonstrated to leading climatologists in private emails that space has no temperature because it is an empty vacuum and as such acts as a perfect insulator (like a thermos flask). Thus it inhibits the escape of heat energy from Earth’s atmosphere; only the cooling effect of ‘wet’ gases in our turbulent atmosphere dispose of the excess heat energy via convection and conduction.

 Time and again the Spencers and Lindzens cling onto their falsities. Once this fundamental fact is understood they will appreciate Earth endures a ‘thermos flask-like effect’ influencing our planet to retain (not lose) heat.

People who say that ‘space is cold, because of the CMBR’ will often concede they have no training in thermodynamics.

 “It is perfectly ambiguous and a red-herring/straw man, just like the way they argue with the greenhouse effect,” says Postma. Thankfully, the reverse of the alleged greenhouse gas effect  is true – atmospheric gases act to keep out planet COOLER than it would otherwise be.

Global Warming Science: Built on Arrogance, Stupidity and Deceit

Categorically, space does not have a temperature, only matter has a temperature - only matter can make a sound and you can only hear that sound if there is matter in between you and the source of the sound.

Does anyone hear you if you clap in space? It’s basically the same question. There’s no matter in space – therefore no one hears the vibration of your two hands slapping together propagating outwards and making a sound.

Space scientists know radiation does not have a temperature. It can only induce a temperature when it encounters matter that is susceptible to the radiation it receives. Some humility now needs to be shown by climate scientists and they must admit that the GHE and the whole man-made global warming fraud was built on ignorance, stupidity and/or willful deception.

What the Spencers and Lindzens of this world need to understand is that the radiation that is found in space might indicate a temperature, but radiation is NOT space.Radiation is energy, and indeed it can have what space scientists call a Black Body temperature spectrum (this is where the confusion would come in).  But ponderable temperature is actually only created when that energy gets absorbed into an object/matter and the molecules/atoms start vibrating/bouncing around.

To say that the radiation that is found in space IS the temperature of space is convoluted nonsense; it is either lack of knowledge or purposeful misdirection.

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