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Top Weather Forecaster Slates UK Government Drought ‘Swindle’
World leader in long-range weather forecasting, Piers Corbyn mounts a scathing attack on British government ministers for ‘connivance in swindling the public’ and ignoring proven successes of world-leaders, WeatherAction.

The outburst (February 20, 2012) was in response to an announcement that Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman
today called a meeting of water companies, farmers and experts to discuss ways of tackling the growing British drought problem.

This winter has been the driest for 40 years. East Anglia, the East Midlands and the South East have been the worst affected. Warnings are being issued that restrictions on water use for households and businesses could be introduced, unless there is significant rainfall soon.

Pauline Smith from the Environment Agency said: "We've had two dry winters now, and as a consequence of that, reservoirs haven't refilled, underground water stores haven't refilled, and it means we are heading towards a summer that could be quite difficult." The 'drought summit' - organized by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs - will meet on Monday February 20, 2012.

Piers Corbyn of, an acknowledged world leader in successful long-range weather forecasters, immediately hit back:

"The Govt, Environment Agency and some water companies say they are worried about potential drought conditions developing this year, however they appear to be not interested in knowing whether such conditions might actually develop.”

Barbecue Summers and Mild Winter Fiascos Discredit Met Office

Anger is building among those whose livelihoods depend on reliable long-range forecasts because the Met Office, the British Government's advisers, has failed to forecast ANY of the extreme seasons/months since 2007. By contrast, Corbyn’s maverick service has maintained a steady success rate above 80 percent accuracy.An infuriated Corbyn blasted,

"WeatherAction correctly forecast the key features in all the extreme months/seasons since 2007 while the Met Office failed. The relative successes being 7 to zero.“

The London-based WeatherAction’s front man pointedly drew attention to the fact the Met Office has been consistently and diametrically wrong in it’s predictions (remember those supposed 'barbecue summers' which turned into floods and the supposed 'mild winter months' which turned out record cold?).

In stark contrast Corbyn’s forecasts for Summer and Autumn 2011 and Winter 2011-12 have been
widely praised.

Corbyn cites the reason for the obstinacy of ministers to listen to him: the lingering man-made global warming scam. The Met Office has been the biggest spin-doctor of the climate catastrophism and has benefited to the tune of hundreds of millions for riding the climate gravy train.

"If the Govt and water companies and others involved want to know what Spring and Summer will be like they could ask us to help,” says 65-year-old Corbyn.

However (apart from some notable exceptions in the water industry and farming) it seems the UK’s political elite actively aren’t bothered in sound science because Corbyn has been a vociferous critic of the global warming scam.

Summing up the predicament the avuncular Londoner lamented, "It seems to me the Coalition like the previous government goes along with this disgraceful dereliction of public duty and connivance in swindling the public. We urge them instead to put public interest and proven accountable science before ideology and failed non-science. Thank you"

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I have to admit I noticed some similarities between the early part of this year and that of 1976 some weeks back but then I thought 'only a damned fool would assume that the whole year will pan out over similar lines'. Chances are we will just as likely get a really miserable damp summer just like we had back in.............. well really, where would you like me to start? 1966 perhaps?

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