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Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize Jury Placed Under Investigation
Nobel Prizes given to discredited UN global warming spin machine and former U.S. Vice President, Al Gore have triggered an investigation by a Swedish government department. The 'eco-warriors' are accused of promoting climate alarm with lies and junk science.

The investigation is being conducted by the Stockholm County Administrative Board, which supervises foundations in Sweden's capital. If investigators affirm that the prize founder
Alfred Nobel's will is not being honored, it has the authority to suspend award decisions.

Among the most dubious awards cited for igniting such serious scrutiny was the Nobel Committee's 2007 Peace Prize to Al Gore for his now discredited film, 'An Inconvenient Truth.' After a much-publicized British high court hearing a leading London judge ruled that the film contained
nine lies and 35 misleading statements.

Judge Michael Burton told the court  that the film's  errors had arisen "in the context of alarmism and exaggeration" in order to support Mr Gore's thesis on global warming. Judge Burton said the film was a propaganda piece that should not be shown in England's schools without a 'health warning' of it's inherent bias. Gore went on record to decry the judgement refusing to correct or apologize for his misleading 'mistakes.'

Despite the devastating London legal ruling the Nobel Committee steadfastly declined to consider stripping Gore of his prize.

According to The New York Times  the instigator of the fresh Swedish complaint is peace researcher and lawyer, Fredrik Heffermehl. He argues that the Nobel committee has violated the terms of Alfred Nobel’s will, which established the prize. Heffermehl, also author of the book The Nobel Peace Prize: What Nobel Really Wanted  claims the awards to Gore, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as well as the 2009 prize to U.S. President, Barack Obama, were a political misuse of the Nobel committee contrary to the peace ideas that Alfred Nobel intended to support.

truth will come to light;murder cannot be hid long- at the length truth will out

Let us hope that the Swedish Government takes a more serious view of the facts and that fraud perpetrated by the Nobel Committee will be fully disclosed and rectified. While this might seem ironic; that a government is assuring that a private entity not act according to a political agenda- it demonstrates the proper role of government. In their actions, agents of the Swedish government are affirming the rights of Alfred Nobel in assuring the disposition of his property in accordance to his will.
It is critical that this is followed-up by stripping U.S. President, Barack Obama of his 2009 Peace Prize. How many assassinations and murders, how many undeclared unilateral military actions, does it take to consider a person unworthy of the Peace Prize?

Can only hope that all involved and profiteering from it get their accounts and assets seized.