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Environment Professor Slams Global Warming Cult with New Evidence
Top South African biosystems professor today adds his dissenting voice to growing number of international experts demanding an end to the religion of man-made global warming.

Alexander publishes (February 3, 2012) an in-depth analysis exposing UN climate science as "an empty shell" endorsed by certain national governments bent on raising unnecessary and swinging climate taxes.

Alexander is Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Civil and Biosystems Engineering, University of Pretoria, South Africa
and renowned internationally for his environmental science. Alexander joins the growing ranks of highly credentialed scientists whose incisive research and publications have been frustrated by obstructionist alarmist and bureaucratic forces - a veritable wall of self-serving censorship from mainstream science journals loyal to the 'cause' of ramping up public alarm on this hot issue. Only through the grassroots medium of the world wide web have such principled scientists been able to get the truth out.

"At last the climate change bubble is about to burst," says the South African whose new publications summarize the facts that, "there is no evidence to support the claims that climate change will increase floods and droughts."

Indeed, this leading environmental scientist affirms, "There is also no evidence of environmental damage. These are the core issues in climate change science."

Alexander, known for his peerless studies on hydrology, has put together the key facts to prove to the public that man-made global warming is nothing other than "an unverified hypothesis.

The Pretorian professor cites the compelling new findings on a stronger and more defined solar linkage to climate change where the evidence is solid. "The reason why the signal is clearer in southern Africa than in the high northern latitudes is that a greater proportion of the total received energy comes directly from the sun and the intervening cloud cover is very much less in our dry climate" he says.

Thanks to concerted efforts by such climate realists to get the full facts about climate into the public domain, a seemingly irreversible trend of steadfast and skeptical public opinion is forming.


John O'Sullivan is the co-ordinator and co-founder of Principia Scientific International

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So then why all of this push to limit CO2? It’s obviously NOT a problem.

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