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Uncanny Parallels Connect the Jerry Sandusky & Michael Mann Cover Ups

Disgraced Penn State University is mired deeper in scandal as eerie parallels are drawn with their cover up of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal and their apparent whitewash investigation of climate professor, Michael Mann.


After a week when the Attorney General brands Penn State’s former in house attorney a liar and two university officials are indicted on cover up crimes, calls are being made for the re-opening of the university’s investigation that cleared global warming doomsayer, Dr. Michael Mann of any misconduct in the Climategate scandal.


For those who don’t remember, Professor Mann was both the UN’s and Penn State’s academic golden boy of climate science bringing glory and financial reward to them just as famously as Jerry Sandusky did with the football team. In each scandal Penn State president, Graham Spanier appeared on the horizon, each time Spanier took the accused men under his protective wing and defended them to the hilt.


Sandusky’s child sex story rightly shocked America, but anyone who examines the correlation between the Mann and Sandusky cases will feel a similar unnerving sense of disquiet.


Mann, the author of the discredited “hockey-stick” graph, provided the junk science that allowed the UN and global warming policymakers to claim a rapid, recent rise in the Earth’s temperature magically making the Medieval Warm Period disappear. Last year Penn State President, Graham Spanier outrageously cleared Mann of fraudulently cherry picking tree-ring proxy temperature data despite compelling evidence he was guilty.


At the time Spanier lied to the Board of Trustees when he claimed Penn State had ”spent hundreds of hours studying documents and interviewing people and looking at issues from all sides.”


An increasing number of scientists are now clamoring that this very same disgraced Penn State administration should be investigated for also covering up Michael Mann’s raping of climate data in their Environmental Science department. One such angry scientist is former NASA man, Dr. Pierre Latour. He bemoans:


Two incompetent whitewash investigations by Penn State (Mann & Sandusky) is perfectly valid evidence to support my inference Penn State is corrupt.”


Another disgruntled scientist is retired former U.S. Navy meteorologist, Dr Martin Hertzberg who adds:


The University seems to have a proclivity for morphing its "investigations" into "whitewashes" that serve the interests or reputation of the University above all else.”


Shockingly, Spanier permitted no witnesses to be called to oppose Mann and no adverse evidence was considered, in breach of the applicable Penn State policy. Now juxtapose that malfeasance with Spanier’s role in the Sandusky cover up for which he lost his job.


Glaring Similarities Between Sandusky Cover Up and Mann Whitewash


Sandusky is charged with sexually assaulting eight boys over 15 years and perjury charges are also filed against Tim Curley, Penn State's athletic director, and Gary Schultz, vice president for finance and business. Like others, I am convinced Mann should also be facing criminal charges.


Climategate analyst, Steve McIntyre feels the same; he has all the details on his Climate Audit website exposing the telling similarities between the Sandusky cover up and the climate data fraud of Michael ‘Hide the Decline’ Mann.


McIntyre asserts that Spanier’s investigation never required Mann to show the hidden calculations that skeptics say are faked. But when cleared by Spanier last year, Mann then filed a libel suit against Canadian climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, for publishing an opinion piece stating that Mann more properly belongs in the ‘state pen, not Penn State.’


McIntyre and other analysts say Dr. Ball was correct and the evidence of manipulation of data is too obvious and too strong.

Failure to Carry Out a Proper Investigation

Myron Ebell, Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy for the Competitive Enterprise Institute is another voice proclaiming that the Mann case, like Sandusky’s was designed as a whitewash,” adding, “To admit that Dr. Mann is a conman now would be extremely embarrassing for Penn State. But the scandal will not be contained no matter how many whitewash reports are issued.”


Cynically, Mann has been allowed by his university employers to keep the key metadata for his graph hidden under lock and key for over 13 years. He is set to plead the Fifth Amendment if a judge orders him to reveal it, in an ongoing courtroom investigation in Virginia.


Likewise, Sandusky also had his crimes covered up since 1998. Now Mann is working to block his former employer, the University of Virginia (UVa) from complying with a court order to release Mann’s hidden data to the Commonwealth’s Attorney General. I’ve no doubt that once prosecutors are permitted to examine that evidence which Spanier helped to hide Mann will be indicted on fraud charges.

Case Similarities Point to Systemic Cover Up

As I have said in previous articles, Mann was never exonerated because the charges against him were never investigated. In both the Mann and Sandusky controversies the following points about Spanier’s stewardship are equally valid:


1. Both the Sandusky and Mann cover-ups involved a poorly executed investigation.


2. Both investigations saw the president making untrue statements.


3. Both involve an ethos that successful men can do no wrong; and the more famous and powerful they are, the more immune they are from scrutiny.


4. Both demonstrate a strong inclination to circle the wagons and seemingly show no interest in truth or justice.


5. Both involve extensive evidence going back years from a number of different sources and involving a variety of issues which should have raised red flags.


6. Spanier’s ‘investigations’ never interviewed witnesses against Mann or Sandusky

    Not only are two senior Penn State officials now facing serious jail time, grave questions are also being asked about the possible misconduct of Penn State's former appointed legal counsel, Mr. Wendell Courtney, Esq who denies any knowledge of the cover up.


    Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Linda Kelly appears to have already damned the character of Courtney. Nils Frederiksen, speaking for the Attorney General, suggests Courtney lied. Frederkisen commented:


    It’s clear from the findings of the grand jury that Mr. Courtney had direct dealings with both Penn State and The Second Mile and he had knowledge and was aware of the 1998 [child sex abuse] incident.”


    I suspect shamed attorney, Courtney is as deeply mired in Mann’s cover up is he is in Sandusky’s.



    Too Big to Fail Mentality Pervades Penn State


    In America football programs in general are so powerful that they are beyond the control of the administrations. Likewise, climate research is so lucrative to some universities that academics, like football programs, are vulnerable to corrupting influences. There is a prevalent mindset that these people are “Too Big To Fail” such that large institutions all too easily tend to become a law unto themselves.


    To show just how the money motive is king just compare these two Penn State quotes. First quote justifying the university’s clearing Michael Mann:


    [Mann’s] success in proposing research, and obtaining funding to conduct it, clearly places Dr. Mann among the most respected scientists in his field.…

    Had Dr. Mann’s conduct of his research been outside the range of accepted practices, it would have been impossible for him to receive so many awards and recognitions…This would have been impossible had his activities in reporting his work been outside of accepted practices in his field."

    Then this second quote excusing Sandusky:


    This level of success on the football field and revenue generated from it, clearly places Coaches Paterno and Sandusky among the most respected professionals in their field. Such success would not have been possible had he not met or exceeded the highest standards of their profession in operating a football program…

    Had Coach Paterno or Coach Sandusky’s conduct of their program been outside the range of accepted practices, it would have been impossible for them to receive so many awards and recognitions, which typically involve intense scrutiny from peers who may or may not agree with his program …


    Both the above quotes are spooky in their similarity of reasoning; they imply no thought, no integrity, no need to investigate. In effect all’s well as long as the money keeps comes in. We saw the same moral disease infect the thinking of bankers and that lead to the collapse of Wall Street for which the whole of America is now paying a hefty price.


    Of itself, none of this represents evidence against Mann per se, but it does present an excellent argument that the Mann inquiry needs to be revisited. A Big Government institution has been caught out running roughshod over the rights of the public for their own profit and glory.


    Spanier’s immoral regime will disgust many people with a modicum of ethics. Moral standards need to be rebuilt but that can only happen after all the bad apples have been removed. So to that end, whistle-blowers are now wanted because Mann’s misdeeds must be punished because his cover up is no less of a perversion than what took place in the football locker room.


    I make this plea to any Penn. State colleagues of Michael Mann: if you have any information that you believe may prove useful in an investigation please contact me at my address below; you have my complete assurance that your identity will be kept completely anonymous.


    John O’Sullivan:



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