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Power Supplier Admits Going Green Will Put the Lights Out in Britain

Power Supplier Admits Going Green Will Put the Lights Out in Britain


British families have been told the shocking truth about the price of green energy. They must prepare to go without electricity for extended periods, warns UK’s top electricity boss.


Steve Holliday, National Grid’s chief executive issued a stark warning over the consequences of the UK ‘going green’ speaking to listeners to Radio 4’s Today program.


The shock admission was immediately picked up in the Daily Telegraph (March 2, 2011) in the article, ‘Era of constant electricity at home is ending, says power chief.’


Britain’s largest energy supplier, National Grid is one of the most lucrative privatised monopolies in the world. It dealt the cold realities to a nation already committed to spending £18 billion per year on unnecessary and unpopular ‘green’ taxes. 


Brits told - Wind Turbines Whether You Like it or Not


The colossal company is hell bent in pursuing an ill conceived agenda to make it’s energy policy more ‘environmentally friendly’ by focusing on wind power.


When tackled about how the company was going to keep Britain’s lights on when the wind wasn’t blowing Mr. Holliday replied, “Families will have to get used to only using power when it was available, rather than constantly.”


Holliday’s plan will, in effect, take Britons back to the bad, sad old days of the 1970’s when the miner’s strike forced electricity generators to restrict supply and throw the nation’s workers onto the ‘three day week’ whereupon uncollected garbage and dead bodies were piled high and citizens endured a bleak winter in abject misery.


“As a society, we all need to be clear about what we can and cannot afford” continued the fat cat enjoying a one million a year salary and a £1.27m bonus.


Holliday’s vision confirms the predictions of an increasing number of experts exposing the myths of sustainable energy and documented in a new book,The False Promise of Green Energy. The book strongly suggests that green-job proponents have been getting away for too long peddling an unrealistic vision of energy production.


Holliday’s words are now fulfilling a bleak prophecy that imposing such ill-conceived measures will either bring a dramatic increase in the cost of energy or significant cuts in its use.


Citizens in Revolt over Green Energy Fascism


Physicist and leading energy critic, John Droz Jr. responded to Holliday’s bleak draconian prediction saying, “This is the type of ammunition that will resonate with all citizens, anyplace fighting wind energy.”


National Grid is used to controversy and is so unpopular a website National Greed’ has been set up to expose it’s shenanigans. Workers revolted over jobs being sent to India at the same time as annual profits hit £2,914million and senior executives were buying Ferraris and stabling them in a "hotel for fine automobiles” (Paul Routledge, Daily Mirror, 31/07/09).

The excellent blog, 'Bishop Hill' has been quick to debunk Holliday's depressing energy outlook, "
The talk of dwindling gas supplies is strange. Has Mr Holliday not heard of shale gas? Or does he know something we don't?"

John Droz. Jr, a committed environmentalist, added, “to me, one of the major unspoken (purposefully hidden) changes going on the modern world is a shift away from: supplying electricity on demand to having strict controls on users to conform to supply.”


Thus users are expected to change their habits to conform to the variability (or unavailability) of wind energy.

To add insult to injury, Britain’s Coalition Government, in it's own Annual Energy Statement for 2010 concedes that by the year 2020, nearly one third of the average domestic electricity bill will consist of green energy charges imposed by law. With grim news such as this it’s no wonder ordinary citizens are fast falling out of love with the environmentalist dream.

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