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Dr Roy Spencer Signals Greenhouse Gas Theory Paradigm Shift

Dr. Roy Spencer, a world-renowned climatologist, admits he is “open to the possibility” the greenhouse gas theory is in 'error': is a paradigm shift imminent?


Spencer, also an author and former NASA scientist, this week acknowledges a seminal move towards what would be a remarkable paradigm shift in climate science after a multitude of revelations emerge disputing the greenhouse gas hypothesis.

Dr. Spencer
admits on his website (July 17, 2010) that he’s “still open to the possibility that a major error has been made on this fundamental point. Stranger things have happened in science before." 

The ground breaking admission comes in yet another week where more scientists come forth to eviscerate the muddled concept of radiative back warming, that alleged 'heat trapping' effect of carbon dioxide (a minor trace gas composing a mere 0.03 percent of Earth's atmosphere). Here we pinpoint the key movers and shakers at this watershed moment.


Greenhouse Gas ‘Deniers’ Holding Forth


It can't pass without comment that Dr. Roy Spencer's latest frank assessment is a shrewd acceptance of the momentum gained in recent months by the determined and growing ranks of scientists publishing critical assessments of the beleaguered greenhouse gas theory (GHG).

At the fore of the tide of GHG denialism are researchers, Alan Siddons, Dr. Martin Hertzberg and Hans Schreuder.  Siddons’ own article,

The Hidden Flaw in Greenhouse Theory’  in ‘American Thinker,’  (February 10, 2010) signaled a swathe of scientists were on the march not only out to prove there was never any scientific 'consensus' on man-made global warming, but that the greenhouse gas theory, itself, is utterly bogus.  

Paradigm Shifters Unified in their Cogent Dissent

 The move among international scientists towards a unfied spirit of dissent is in no small part due to the success of the blogosphere in faciliting real-time open and frank peer-review of dissenting ideas to the GHG hypothesis. Unlike the shady world of government climate research frank exchanges by scientists such as Dr. Charles Anderson, Dr. Jeffrey Glassman, Gary Novak and many others has seen a mini-rennaissance of climate inquiry unfold.


For example, Dr. Heinz Thieme with his, "On the Phenomenon of Atmospheric Backradiation", and ably backed up by 130 German scientists, astutely pinpointed that it was misunderstanding of vector field calculus that wrongly led  doomsaying researchers to believe carbon dioxide had the ability to ‘back radiate’ energy it received to Earth.


‘Back radiation’ meme Dupes Many


It is the ‘back radiation’ meme that has duped so many and has been taken up as an issue by Alan Siddons and his co-authors, Hertzberg and Shreuder in their ground-breaking exposition, ‘ A Greenhouse Effect on the Moon?’


Their shocking revelations indicate that NASA had proof that the GHG theory was bogus over 40 years at the time of the Apollo moon landings.


Siddons et al. highlight the fact that CO2 has very narrow band IR response: 2.7, 4.3, and 15 uM are the three generalized wavelengths in which it reacts. All of these wavelengths are absorbed to extinction within the first 30 feet from the ground. Adding more CO2 simply reduces that distance from 30 to 29 or 28 feet-not trapping further energy.


Cruel summer for Climate Doomsayers


As reported on the ‘Hockey Schtick’ blog, Summer 2010 has been unrelentingly cruel to global warming alarmists as two new research papers pile more misery onto hapless climate doomsayers. ‘A null hypothesis for CO2’ by Roy Clark, Ph.D found it is “impossible to show that changes in CO2 concentration have caused any climate change to the Earth’s climate.”

Arthur Rörsch Ph.D affirms we are solidly in the midst of a “paradigm shift” undermining belief in the ‘greenhouse effect.’


It is, in fact, conduction and convection rather than radiation that spreads heat throughout the atmosphere while that dense gas CO2 will always hug closely to the ground due to its mass.


Even within the IPCC fresh cracks have opened up after recent legal affirmation that ‘Amazongate was, after all, a major blow to its integrity. IPCC expert reviewer,

Dr. Vincent Gray has long known he was working for a government advocacy group spouting junk. It is those who refuse to give up adherence to the debunked theory who are now referred to as the true 'flat-earthers.'


Statistical Incompetence Skews Data Further


Despite the official Climategate whitewashes the general public is fully aware that governments have connived with well-funded university researchers to unlawfully deny access to their work for several years in breach of Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests.


Even with the soft touch of self-serving governmental inquiries into alleged misconduct of government researchers, those official outcomes could do no other than concede, at mininum, a distinct lack of mathematical competence.


We now know why there was so much secrecy; climate scientists were not just failing to apply the same physical 'laws' as other scientists; they weren’t even folllowing the same core principles.

The IPCC is now exposed for its numerous scandalous misrepresentations such as

'Amazongate' and 'Judithgate' which shows their 'consensus' of science on solar effects is just one scientists.


Greenhouse Gas Theory ‘Has no Solid Physical Basis’


Also joining the ranks of the new deniers is Claes Johnson, professor of applied mathematics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Johnson, seeing the flaws in the theory, pertinently observes, "Radiative heat can only by itself transfer from high to low frequency, that is from high to low temperature. The Swede rejects the greenhouse gas theory entirely because the idea of 'back radiation' has no solid physics basis.

He writes, “it is not described in the physics literature and so is a free invention.“
Professor Johnson asserts that climate boils down to being a 'heat transfer equation' and the carbon dioxide role is either statistically zero or as a slight coolant!



Charles Anderson PhD, a materials physicist, goes further; he has recently calculated that the cooling effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) is 100x greater than its warming effect.


German Physicists Supreme in GHG Debunkery


Meanwhile, German physics doctors, Gerhard Gerlich and Ralph Tscheuschner also affirm that “The greenhouse hypothesis has been disproven by the law of physics.”

Their peer-reviewed study,
"Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects within the Frame of Physics," has sat unrefuted since 2007 and points out that the term “atmospheric greenhouse effect” does not occur in any fundamental work involving thermodynamics, physical kinetics, or radiation theory.

If back radiation were true then the radiation leaving the Earth (reflected visible and emitted infrared) travels all the way back to the Sun and warms it.  If this occurred then the temperature of the Sun would have reached Armageddon point about a billion years ago. 


The junk science has crumbled to dust leaving the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) a spent and bogus force as the Establishment conduit for a global policy on green taxes.


The big issue is not whether human emissions of fossil fuels will ever cause runaway global warming (they can’t), but how so many were duped for so long by the bogus greenhouse gas theory.


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