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Kitchen Colander Proves Greenhouse Gas Theory Won’t Hold Water

A climate researcher who disputes greenhouse gas theory has come up with a novel way to sieve out global warming spin: use a metal colander.


Alan Siddons, who along with Dr. Martin Hertzberg and Hans Schreuder co-authored the groundbreaking paper, ‘A Greenhouse Effect on the Moon?’ has devised a simple and ingenious analogy involving a metal strainer and a light bulb to allay fears about global warming created by theorists of greenhouse gases (GHG).


Understanding this explanation makes it far easier to go on and comprehend how the Earth’s atmosphere actually behaves. Siddons shows that, like the colander, the GHG hypothesis doesn’t hold water.


Add a Light bulb to the Equation


He asks us to, "Imagine inverting a colander over a light bulb to make it a lamp shade. Since it’s got holes in it, some of the light will leak out. But since it’s also like a mirror, a lot of light will be reflected back. Thus, less light will escape and it will illuminate what’s under the colander rather than lighting up the ceiling. That’s basically how most people think of the greenhouse effect."


The lightbulb is the earth emitting heat rays in this analogy, the colander is a layer of ‘greenhouse gases,' and what’s above them both is outer space, the "ceiling." So where’s the snag?


Well, by the tenets of greenhouse theory, the colander doesn’t actually reduce how much the lightbulb emits. Instead, the colander becomes so bright that the ceiling receives as much light as it did before!


"The colander now radiates what the light bulb isn’t radiating, making it appear that the colander isn’t doing a thing to prevent light from escaping. Thus this magical colander simultaneously stops light from getting out and releases all of it too."


That’s the actual theory in a nutshell, which even many perceptive people have a hard time grasping.


This exposition is both simple and effective in exposing the nonsense of what climatologists try to convince us is heating via ‘back radiation,’ a bogus mechanism they allege will ‘trap’ excess heat in carbon dioxide which they say, will cause runaway global warming: all because of our continued burning of fossil fuels.

Despite the trumped up fears about the so-called ‘greenhouse effect’ Earth still keeps on emitting the same amount of energy it receives.


Thus, unlike what a real colander would do, our atmosphere doesn’t ‘trap’ any of the energy we get from the sun.


Earth’s Energy Budget Always in Balance


Analogies are all well and good but what actual proof do we have that solar energy transported via atmospheric gases won’t overheat our planet?


Well, we have the detailed spectral radiative-transfer analysis of huge archives of atmospheric data from NASA and elsewhere. The data received from satellites plus radiosondes, etc. proves our planet’s energy budget remains balanced with no excess heat build up.


Researchers Lindzen and Choi (2009) showed that, averaged over a period of time, the outgoing magnitude of longwave radiation is equal to the incoming magnitude of shortwave; our planet was thus not over-heating and the Kiehl-Trenberth Earth Energy Budget Diagram (1997) used by NASA, who were recently exposed as having proof the GHG effect was bogus 40 years ago, was discredited.


Official: Government Climatologists are Poor Statisticians


Kiehl and Trenberth had ignored Kirchoff’s law of thermal radiation and vector field calculus and wrongly determined that the upward and downward longwave radiation should be multiplied by two, thus falsely doubling the heating effect, when it ought to have been factored at zero, meaning extra heating.


Trenberth lamented the 'missing' energy in a recent admission in Science (April, 2010). While NASA's Gavin Schmidt famously repeated the K-T error while ‘moonlighting’ over on his blog at 'Real Climate.'


However, we shouldn’t be surprised that climatologists are not good number crunchers; it was the Oxburgh Inquiry into Climategate that concluded that expert statisticians should be brought in to help sharpen up their dodgy mathematical skills.


Thus these third-rate doomsayers of science have been scratching their heads for years in vain wondering when their ‘runaway global warming effect’ was going to kick in; it never did and never will - because there is no ‘magical kitchen colander’ in our atmosphere.



Dr. Hertzberg, M., Siddons, A, & Schreuder, H., 'A Greenhouse Effect on the Moon?" ( May, 2010).

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On the determination of climate feedbacks from ERBE data,’ (August 2009), Geophysical Research Letters, Vol: 36, L16705.


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