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EPA Climate Rule 'Protects' Americans From Perrier Water

While analyzing the federal government’s latest long-winded publication, ‘Climate Action Report, the Fifth National Communication of the United States of America Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’ I stumbled across something buried deep inside that will dismay (or perhaps amuse) many taxpayers.

In the section entitled, ‘Proposed Regulation Facilitating Geologic Sequestration of CO2’ the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has pulled out all the stops to make an even bigger ass of itself. It is introducing a new requirement under the Safe Drinking Water Act to protect U.S. citizens from being ‘poisoned’ from carbon dioxide in drinking water.


The latest cock-eyed federal policy concerns a new class of injection well—Class VI” (page 44) that at great expense will inject carbon dioxide (CO2) underground by a process that will inhibit drinking water from becoming as carbonated as fizzy Perrier water. The greenies call this process ‘carbon sequestration,’ in case you didn’t know.


A somnolent U.S. administration has completely swallowed the Mickey Finn plied to it by politicized environmentalists and taxpayers pockets are being picked to the tune of tens of billions. All this is due to the passive acceptance by politicians of the unproven hypothesis that human emissions of greenhouse gases, such as CO2, are ‘bad’ for our planet.


With the financial floodgates now open money is now pouring into a new sequestration system that will pump industrially produced carbon emission into the Earth where its is believed they will be ‘less harmful.’ So-called ‘investment’ in the U.S. green economy is currently overflowing at about $18.6 billion.

Unlike any offshore oil disaster, if the underground water supply does become ‘contaminated’ by carbon dioxide from the new ‘Class VI’ system, then the government will have inadvertantly created a benefit: a home grown version of France’s famous tipple.


But by their failure to apply any joined up thinking on the issue, a typically profligate EPA will not apply the necessary logic to see the economic benefits from the inadvertant spiking of our drink. To do so would effectively pull the plug on the whole 'CO2 is poison' scam.


The weird and amoral world of eco-politics would rather taxpayers stay blissfully ignorant about how benign CO2 really is in our water. Marketed for generations in its iconic pear-shaped little green bottle Perrier has been regarded as a 'chic' and aspirational non-alcoholic beverage among Europe’s middle classes. In fact this ‘Champagne’ of mineral water costs more per barrel than the finest grade gasoline oil.


In Perrier’s manufacturing process the water and CO2 are sourced independently before being mixed in the bottling process. This ensures the gas added in bottled Perrier gives the same fizz as the water from the original source, the Vergèze spring in the Languedoc region of southern France.


Disavowing itself of saner opinion on the matter, the EPA has determined that the ingredient that makes the water’s fizz-that nasty carbon dixoide-is nothing short of an environmental ‘poison.’


I for one, have yet to hear of anyone poisoned by Perrier. So if the U.S. government is serious about generating ‘green’ jobs then they have missed a trick by not turning the new Class VI  injectors into money-making machines. A government mindful of green economic opportunties should be exporting America’s very own ‘champagne’ to nations that don’t view it as poisonous.


Footnote: from 1981 to 2005, the French Perrier company sponsored an annual comedy award in Britain known as "The Perriers.” The EPA would surely scoop their own “Perrier” with this latest joke perpetrated on the American people. Will the EPA yet dig itself an even deeper hole in this climate change fiasco?


John O’Sullivan is a legal analyst and writer who for several years has litigated in government corruption and conspiracy cases in both the US and Britain. Visit his website

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