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So You Want to Be a Journalist in South Wales?

Well, as some of you may know, the demise of has come as an unexpected blow. Like a lot of middle-aged men I’m back foraging in the employment cattle market itching to get myself out of this enforced hiatus.

Here in South Wales, where I have lived since last summer with my new love, jobs in journalism are few and far between. But I shall give it a good crack, as they say. Here’s a copy of my latest submission:


Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

Re: Feature Writer Post


Having seen your vacancy advertised online at ‘HoldtheFrontPage’ I would be most grateful if you would consider me as a genuine candidate for the position of Feature Writer.


I have lately enjoyed international success as an Internet journalist and I am most keen to broaden my experience and take my career to the next level here in Wales. Although I have arrived late to journalism, after 20 years of pursuing the mundane life of a classroom teacher and college lecturer, I have already shown my mettle working to the highest standards and to precise deadlines.


Just to illustrate the very wide scope of my work may I urge that you peruse Google by inputting the search term, ‘John O’Sullivan climate’ and you will find me extensively among over 270,000 web page impressions (0.23 seconds).

My articles may be found all over the world in diverse national publications from Britain’s ‘The Sun’

through to the ‘India Times’

as well as the vast readership of  ‘China Daily,’ where in the following article I displayed thoroughness and diligence in summarising a highly technical ground-breaking scientific paper:


You will also find me in America’s world famous ‘National Review’


Despite having no formal training in journalism, I have been successful through hard work and determination in making the most of my talents. I also possess considerable life experience so that I hope you may see me as your ideal choice for a “ first class feature writer brimming with ideas and enthusiasm with the ability to deliver eye-catching copy to deadline in a broad range of styles.”


Since settling in South Wales last Summer I have sought a post in the established mainstream media where I aim to secure a foothold for myself in my newly chosen career. Having perused, many times to get a better feel for what others are contributing, I firmly believe there exists a niche for me to bring something unique.


When the ‘Climategate’ scandal first broke I threw myself into proving my potential and I grew to be recognised as an adept commentator. I have been fortunate to form productive associations, not just with eminent international scientists, but also among respected figures such as the BBC’s senior environment correspondent, Roger Harrabin. I proudly claim to have also collaborated with the Daily Telegraph’s James Delingpole on bringing several scoops to the mainstream media.


In addition, I have further influential contacts that have assisted me in corresponding with, as well as getting important stories, from Climate Minister, Joan Ruddock as well as the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). With the support of scientists within the climate sceptic community I took up a liaison role with the BBC’s Roger Harrabin’s to better inform the questions for the groundbreaking scoop of the Professor Phil Jones interview.


In the few months since the rumpus of the climate scandal I have gone on to be credited for coining the terms ‘Inquirygate,’ 'Czechgate' and 'Australiagate’ that have become part of common usage.


But I must emphasise I have no scientific background, just a keen eye for the facts and a nose for a good story. I am able to write in a broad range of literary styles and have penned two novels including 'Summit Shock' based on a true story of a New York female prison officer’s epic 13-year court room battle to prove her employer covered up sex crimes against her.


My short stories have also appeared in American publications such as ‘The Jimston Journal’, 'Invisible Ink,' ‘The Secret Attic,’ and ‘The Zip Book.’ Sadly, for reasons unconnected with my own journalistic achievements, my days as a climate correspondent with ‘’ were cut short when the financial backer withdrew from the venture.


However, I see a fresh opportunity to use my recent achievements as a springboard to broaden my output. I would relish the chance to opine eruditely on more diverse issues befitting my Celtic artistic and cultural background, to concern myself with local and national political and social issues as well as the unexpected cornucopia of life’s quirkiest conundrums.


Further examples of my work may be found online at the following links:


‘World’s biggest coal company brings U.S. government to court in climate fraud’


‘Czechgate’  (367,000 Google hits for Czechgate: 0.47 seconds):


My Czechgate revelations inspired leading Czech physicist, Luboš Motl, to re-investigate my findings and thereupon my story was confirmed as a major scoop:


I followed on that success with my article on ‘Australiagate’ (14,300 Google hits for australiagate: 0.34 seconds)


As well as my article examining the international dimension on prosecuting climate data fraud:


I trust you will wish to meet with me so we can further discuss how I may be a fitting addition to your staff and demonstrate above all, how my versatility of style will meet your key requirement as Feature Writer. Please find attached an up to date C.V. for your use.


Yours truly,


John O’Sullivan








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