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If petroleum "cannot" be the result of the chemical transformation of biological matter, then how is it that humans can transform biological matter into chemically similar biofuels?

The abiotic creation of oil theory has it that methane molecules in the Earth's mantle join together under pressure to become the longer molecules of petroleum hydrocarbons.

But under pressure, methane would combine with the oxygen in rocks, becoming water and carbon dioxide gas. One way to see that this is, indeed, what takes place is to examine the gases vented from volcanoes. Do you see a lot of methane? No. Do you see a lot of carbon dioxide? Yes.

The abiotic creation theory is wrong. It made a tenable hypothesis for a while, and Fred Hoyle should not be vilified for bringing it forward as reasonable speculation. But it should now be regarded as incorrect.

Maybe you need to think trough all those spectacular new oil field finds, especially in deep ocean rifts; they support abiogenic theory and contradict fossil fuel theory.

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